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In game rules


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Official SAPD:FR Online's in game rules:


1) Attacking / killing other players on purpose

Attacking or killing other players on purpose is something that this gamemode is not intended for. The gamemode itself is fully based on working together with other players to apprehend Non Player Character (NPC) suspects and do whatever it takes to keep the streets clear from them. We will not tolerate any sort of attacks that happened on purpose. We are, however, fully aware that sometimes one could shoot another one by accident and if that's the case nobody will get a punishment.


2) Stealing other player's belongings

Every player has their own belongings and in most of the cases the stolen belonging is a player vehicle. We do not tolerate any thefts that go between the players and will punish offenders right away.


3) Stealing other player's arrests

Stealing other player's arrest is often done when player 1 is dealing with a valid arrest subject by using the detain menu and doing all the actions they feel neccesary while player 2 is quickly taking over the subject and placing them into their own vehicle. That will be treated as a theft of arrest and it is not tolerated in SAPD:FR Online.


4) Insulting other players

Under no circumstance are you allowed to insult another player. No matter what they've done to either you, your friends, the server or anybody/anything else. In addition, if a player has insulted you please report it to the staff right away and don't reply with an insult of yourself as that will result in both parties being punished.


5) Racism

Racism of any kind will not be tolerated, offenders will be punished right away with a strict offence.


6) Chat spamming

Players should avoid chat spamming at all costs. If your chat message does not appear right away after you sent it please wait a bit due to possible lags from either player's or server's side. Any sort of spamming is not tolerated and offenders will be punished right away.


7) Bug abusing

If you've found a bug please report it to the staff as soon as possible. Abusing a bug that you've found will result in getting yourself permanently banned from the server with no possibility of a ban appeal.


8 ) Third party softwares that give unfair advantage

Third party softwares that give you advantage over other players will not be tolerated at all, offenders will be permanently banned with no ability for a ban appeal.


9) This is an English server therefore speak English in global chat

Even though we do have multiple language translations that are available for you guys to make life easier for you if your English is not so good you have to take into consideration that this is after all an English speaking server therefore if you wish to speak in your own language with someone please use /pm or in some situations you may use /localchat (only if there are no players around you!).

Offenders of this rule will be muted and repeated offenders could face a timed ban.


10) Selling / buying account possesions for IRL items is against the rules

Since we are strictly against having unfair advantage which includes paying IRL money for In Game belongings such as accounts we've decided to make it against the rules to sell such things. Offenders (both buyer and the seller) will be permanently banned right away.


11) Administrator's decision is final


If the Administration team has decided to punish an offender the offender has no rights to talk back to the administration team member that has decided to punish him. In case the punished player feels like the punishment is not right then they have the rights to contact a higher ranking administrator with proofs of why such action was not right through either a forum PM or by contacting them in game. Offenders of this rule will be punished even further than their first punishment (perhaps a timed ban or so).


12) Using full caps in global will not be tolerated

Please note of your caps when trying to talk in game. Accidents tend to happen and we're aware of that however continous use of full caps in the chat will just end up in a punishment for the offender.


13) Stealing Civilian vehicles

Stealing civilian vehicles on purpose is not allowed. This mainly counts for the Cadets that grab civilian vehicles to have something faster than a Caddy or a Mountain Bike as a result. There are some exceptions to this rule that will not get offenders punished such as moving the vehicle to the side of the road or "borrowing" it in case your vehicle has been destroyed and you need an alternative to finish a pursuit or a callout.


14) Killing street brawl peds for no proper reason

Killing all street brawl peds to get faster exp is counted against the rules because it also denies everyone that was assigned to the scene and wanted to do proper arrests their experience. We will take this rule strictly and take away 500 exp right away from anyone that abuses it. In addition, you may kill the peds if you have no other resort such as they take out a weapon and attack you or so as long as you don't kill them all right away it's okay.


15) Usage of hex color codes is to be avoided in global chat at all costs, dispatch chat is limited to only one code

It appears that lately quite an amount of users started making rainbows out of our dispatch and global chat, therefore we've been forced to add this rule to prevent this. Anybody that uses hex color codes in either global chat or dispatch chat will have their exp taken away from them. If you wish to color your unit number in dispatch chat, and yes, only your unit name and number, you can use the following code: #00AAFF, anything further than that will not be tolerated.


16) Impersonating staff

Impersonating staff or taking matters into your own hands (rather than reporting) will not be tolerated. This includes repeatedly messaging someone breaking a rule (once is enough, more is harassment), saying you are a moderator, administrator, scripter, management, owner, co-owner, developer, etc., and telling people that staff sanctions will be handed to them.


17) Chain of Command should be followed by EVERYONE

This applies both in game as well as in the community.

Within this community, chain of command should ALWAYS be followed, both staff and community members alike. For example, if a player needs help with an issue, he must forward the issue to the helper first. If the helper cannot assist him, the issue has to be forwarded to a moderator. If the moderator cannot help solve the issue, an administrator can now be contacted. If the administrator cannot help with the issue, it has to be forwarded to high command staff, who will then tell you to forward it to management if they cannot solve the issue. The ONLY exception to this rule is if the issue is only solvable through management (e.g issues with account) and requires direct executive action. Anything else HAS to start at the bottom of the rank ladder and from there on go up.

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