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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA



it is possible to change under/settings his language, for example,

into language German. I would suggest this if one the language changes already instead of "Cat Toys" "cat's toys" there stands.

The whole one should be made maybe also with the Callouts,

Why should this be added?:

Why this should be introduced?

The good question for what there would be, otherwise, this setting?

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We do not hablar German mucho if at all. To be honest, since I only speak English I don't even know what translations are available and what all they translate. So, if the scripters okay this they will probably ask for translations, just a heads up :p
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We indeed are working on entire translations which changes languages of the UIs too. We still need players to translate every file for languages which will be a request later on from us towards the community, however this will only be in V1.1.
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