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[Report - #0016] Makefoo

John Fischer

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Username: John_fischer

Username of player you are reporting: Makefoo

Date  of offense: 19.02.17

Which rule(s) did the offender break: disrespect to other Players, multiple Insults and driving in civ cars, ignored multiple advices + racism

Which punishment do you believe is fair for the offender: mute or temp. ban

Proof of offender breaking the rule(s) (Video/Screenshots/Logs): Chat:

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: disrespectful and multiple insults

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: anyway

[Global - Unit 707] Lemonzrl: Why is there so much foul language

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: i report this cadet

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: this noob sory

[sAPD:FR ONLINE] Artur has left the server (Quit)

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: Andreu

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: respect other players

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: dont call them noob

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: i respect playeri with high rank

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: read F9

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: not this handicapated cadet

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: respect everyplayer

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: respoect all players

[Global - Unit 707] Lemonzrl: Wow

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: wot

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: XD

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: wtf was that XD

[Global - Unit 823] Makefoo: Told you guys... he's retarded

[Global - Unit 707] Lemonzrl: U wot m8?

There's no job currently active.

There's no job currently active.

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: makefoo

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: fuck off

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: i respond to call

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: shots fired

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: and then he call me a retard

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: wow

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: help

[Global - Unit 707] Lemonzrl: Responding to armed suspecr in Temple, code 3.

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: code 4

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: wow

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: you both are not better to insult each so pls shut up okay ? thank you

[Global - Unit 201] Andrei27: wat is here

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: lol those medics

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: coce 4

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: code 4

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: cadet stop driving in civ cars

[sAPD:FR ONLINE] Linex has joined as unit 857.

[Global - Unit 857] Linex: s

[Global - Unit 823] Makefoo: I am unmarked

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: you aint

[Global - Unit 823] Makefoo: Yeah nigga I am

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: makefoo u are not

[Global - Unit 174] John_fischer: unit 823 tosfera will be informed

[Global - Unit 640] Kentwolf: uhm

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: u are not allowed to drive peds cars here

[Global - Unit 707] Lemonzrl: Inappropiate language.

[Global - Unit 782] Lvmonsterss: either stop or get reported (possible ban)

I know Andrei wasn't anyway better and he insulted him aswell as far as I heared they had Trouble before I was online.

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