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Upcoming v1.3.0 update - 26 august 2022


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It's been a while but we haven't been sitting idle and we've not been picking our nose; we've been working hard to get a fundamental system reworked from the ground on. Update v1.3.0 will have countless of fixes and rewrites to make the server feel a lot smoother and spam less errors.

While rewriting the system we've been moving a lot of code around and have touched almost everything in the server script wise which is the reason why the update took so long to complete. nerd alert: we've moved the native UI to CEF which increased the speed for making changes in the UI and hopefully also change the depth in which we can make new UIs.


In the following video you can see a little sneak peek of the new authentication system, just to warm you guys up.


As our Discord members already know; we've chosen a date to release the new update: Friday 26 August 2022 at 8pm (gmt+2). We'll be launching the new update with a small event of 3 hours which will grant everyone a 15% bonus exp. Interested in joining the Discord? Click the following link: https://discordapp.com/invite/0sefStnGcNuXyA8u

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