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[Suggestion] More advanced dialogue systems and dialogue related callouts


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[b]Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA[/b]

[b]Suggestion: An option of asking NPCs questions and talking them out of fighting on new calls such as Welfare Check, Shoplifting, and Public Disturbance should be added.  For example, players could ask a citizen if they need an ambulance, a store owner if they want to press charges, or just ask NPCs for their side of the story. Responses from citizens and their expectations would differ from call to call. Also, other circumstances could be different each call as well (For example, the shoplifting suspect would be calm or aggressive).[/b]

[b]Why should this be added?: I believe this would make the game much more realistic, interesting and would make the game less repetitive. [/b]

[b]Anything else you'd like to add?: I appreciate you reading this suggestion. If you have any questions please let me know. [/b]


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This could bring a whole new experience to the game, emerge oneself into the stories. Making it an actual organisation from it would be cool (something like SAHP, but for detectives). But making these scripts would take months and are probably not high on the list of updates. Mainly because, as I said earlier, it'll take months to get up and running. It'll take a major overhaul just like the medic system used to take.

A thing that bothers me though; I don't know how are players going to use (and abuse) this, how are we going to reward players for it? Is it a thing like medics, every action grants some exp? how are we going to make sure an NPC is part of the call out, what limits a NPC to the callout? did we lock them in there, were they bystanders? cousins? on the phone? actually working in the store?

A lot to discuss for this topic, I got countless of ideas but this could be something that the players actually put together so that we actually make something the player wants. Just a random list of suggestions which this would fit perfectly;


  • fingerprints
  • medical assistance for shoot outs
  • mental assistance for robberies
  • shutting down stores after something happens
  • call outs shouldn't overlap in locations (store can't be robbed when it's a crime scene)
  • only a single player or a partnered player can take a single callout
  • cops should be able to trigger callouts for these detectives, how? cops get called for a shoot out, they catch the bad guy and call in the detectives to handle the scene.
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