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[ Suggestion ] Add voice commands like /animations


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): SAPDFR Server

Suggestion: So there's /animations command why not add like a /voice command. And a list for voices can pop up in chat or a GUI, these voices would be police related speech. One of the speeches could also be usable in car that commands the suspect to pull over or drop there weapon etc. Kind of like GTA V , these could also be changed in sapdfr mod folder if added. Can be heard by other players of course.

Why should this be added?: it would make gameplay more realistic. And add something fresh and unique to the server. Possibly making it more entertaining/fun and showing creativity during scenes/pursuits. These would likely be short .wav files or .mp3

Anything else you'd like to add?: You're consideration is appreciated.

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Felt necessary. Just a simple, short edit.
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This would increase the overal experience but we shouldn't forget that some people just want to chill, so; this option should be an option in the settings menu to turn on and off. Modding the sounds would be another great feature as well. To prevent abuse, we need to make sure that a player doesn't send a new message within a given time limit and always cancel their previous sound when they send a new one.

I like it, I'm just not sure whether people want it or if we're going to add it in. It should be discussed with the team first and see how many are interested.

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