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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA Server.

Suggestion: New bike that replace sanchez with a copbike. Just like this (But not with those silly lightbars at the back lol):


Why should this be added?: Sometimes when we on pursuit, the AIs will go offroad, i know that we already have rancher and fbi rancher but on the bike? Awesome for me. Idk if you guys did like this but, who know? Maybe you guys interested and want to add this kinda vehicle  :P

Anything else you'd like to add?: No, that's it for now.

Peace!! 8)


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Adding markings to the current Sanchez would be a pain in the ass, too. I've been meaning to do some work to the golf cart and make it color changeable but haven't gotten around to it because I'd have to do the markings a certain way lol.
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