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Just a heads up

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I know quite a few of you have been wondering where I am. I know SCPD[/member] was concerned, as I was on the server almost every day, and then noone has seen or heard from me for a while. I just want to say I am ok. I don't want to be like the last comissionner of SAHP and disappear without an explanation, so (this will be fun), here goes.

I've been really stressed over the past week or so. I got some news I knew was coming, but I guess I fooled myself into thinking it wouldn't. An idividual I was involved in a court case with will be having a day parole hearing in the very near future, and in October he will be getting what in Canada is called a "statutory release". For those of you who don't know what that is, here is a link: https://www.legalline.ca/legal-answers/statutory-release/

How I originally got involved with this person is not a fun story, but the more I keep it pent up, the more I will get stressed. I know this may not be the best place to discuss this, but I consider you guys my friends, and I know that you will all be respectful.

When I was 3, this man, Majid Abbasy, was in a relationship with my mom. On several occasions, he would babysit me at his apartment. In 1995, is when he began touching me inappropriately. At one point or another, he went away for 6 months, (supposedly for an arranged marriage). When he came back, he started touching me again. After about 2 months, I don't know why, but he disappeared.

It took me a really long time to say anything. I was 7 when I reported it to the teachers at my school, who in turn notified Childrens Aid Society. Because so much time had passed, CAS pretty much said there was nothing they could do.  I didn't talk about it for a long time after.

In 2007, I got into some trouble myself, and ended up getting charged. The detective that I was dealing with was really good, and for whatever reason decided to recommend me getting bailed out. In all honesty, looking back, im surprised.

In 2011, I decided I was going to formally report what happened to the police, but I wasn't going to just go to any officer. I was able to get in direct contact with that detective I dealt with. I felt, if he was willing to trust me enough to let me out on bail, I could trust him. I told him what happened to me, knowing full well the likelyhood of a conviction was very slim as it would literally be my word against his, as 15 years had passed, and I knew they could suggest I confused the facts (which they did). But he felt that there was enough of a chance to get a conviction to arrest him. http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2011/12/15/19126741.html

So this scumbag gets out on bail. and you know what he does? He sexually assaults the children of the person who bailed him out. The person who said he was like a brother to him. He gets taken into custody again, with 26 new charges.

Fast forward to 2012, to my trial. After almost a whole year in court, he is aquitted. The judge made it clear, that while he did believe that the accused did something to me, unfortunately it wasn't proved beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the accused was not released, as now he had to face the other charges.

I could have gone to that trial, but it would have been too difficult for me. I went to the court date where they read the verdict. Guilty of 11 charges of sexual assault, 5 of sexual interference, and 5 of invitation to sexual touching.  He was sentenced to 6 years less time served, which gave him a total of 3 years in custody.

As I was a victim, I was able to get (and still am) all the parole updates, and information from the Correctional Services of Canada.

The part that makes it hard for me, is that while he was out on bail in regards to my case, he was under a no contact order. That means he is not allowed to communicate, directly or indirectly, including by electronic means, with me. I found out, that he had done a google search on me to find out where I lived. Unfortunately, that wasn't a violation of his conditions.

Now I'm worried that when he does get released, he may come looking for me.

I know its a long way off until October, but it is weighing heavily on my mind. That is why I haven't been online and in game for the last little while. I will be trying to get in game next week, I just don't want you guys to think somethings wrong (even though really, there is), and I don't want you guys to think I've just abandoned the server. I just need some time to work through this.

I know Blast3r[/member] or Nick[/member] will maybe say, "we aren't your counsellors". But sometimes its nice just to have people to talk to, that won't judge you.

I'm sorry to dump this on everyone, but I feel its healtier for me to at least get it off my chest

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Nick[/member] will maybe say, "we aren't your counsellors".


Wrong, I just said tl;dr after the 2nd paragraph

So I only got the very basic understanding. Regardless I live a pretty fucked life psychologically thanks to genetics so I know the boat you're in

Hope it all works out in the long run

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