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[TUT] How To Make Handling Lines (by Reckless)


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Posting this tutorial here, originally made by Reckless on GTAPoliceMods.

What the hell is this?

This is my guide on how to Change/make your own handling lines

The Guide

when you want to change handling lines, in the beggening of the handling.cfg, you will see this:


(A) vehicle identifier			[14 characters max]

; (B) fMass					[1.0 to 50000.0]

; (C) fTurnMass				//was////Dimensions.x				[0.0 > x > 20.0]

; (D) fDragMult				//was////Dimensions.y				[0.0 > x > 20.0]

; (E) (not used)			//was////Dimensions.z,				[0.0 > x > 20.0]

; (F) CentreOfMass.x				[-10.0 > x > 10.0]

; (G) CentreOfMass.y				[-10.0 > x > 10.0]

; (H) CentreOfMass.z				[-10.0 > x > 10.0]

; (I) nPercentSubmerged				[10 to 120]

; (J) fTractionMultiplier			[0.5 to 2.0]

; (K) fTractionLoss                             [0.0 > x > 1.0]

; (L) fTractionBias                             [0.0 > x > 1.0]

; (M) TransmissionData.nNumberOfGears		[1 to 4]

; (N) TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity		[5.0 to 150.0]

; (O) TransmissionData.fEngineAcceleration	[0.1 to 10.0]

; (P) TransmissionData.fEngineInertia		[0.0 to 50.0]

; (Q) TransmissionData.nDriveType		[F/R/4]

; (R) TransmissionData.nEngineType		[P/D/E]

; (S) fBrakeDeceleration			[0.1 to 10.0]

; (T) fBrakeBias				[0.0 > x > 1.0]

; (U) bABS					[0/1]

; (V) fSteeringLock				[10.0 to 40.0]


; (a) fSuspensionForceLevel 			not [L/M/H]

; (b) fSuspensionDampingLevel 			not [L/M/H]

; (c) fSuspensionHighSpdComDamp			often zero - 200.0 or more for bouncy vehicles

; (d) suspension upper limit

; (e) suspension lower limit

; (f) suspension bias between front and rear

; (g) suspension anti-dive multiplier


; (aa) fSeatOffsetDistance 			// ped seat position offset towards centre of car

; (ab) fCollisionDamageMultiplier		[0.2 to 5.0]

; (ac) nMonetaryValue				[1 to 100000]


All of these variables mean something. ill start off with fmass


the mass of a vehicle is how heavy it is in san andreas. some vehicles, are very heavy, like the rhino (tank), while others like bikes, are really light. the bigger the mass is of your vehicle, the harder it is to budge it. that is why you cant ram tanks without blowing up. if you have a 40000 mass patriot, and you ram into the 20000 mass rhino, THEN, you will be able to ram the tank.


the turnmass of a vehicle, im not that sure about what it is, but i know that lighter trnmasses will be a little bit like oversteer, while higher, will be more understeerish. thats about all for turnmass


the drag of a vehicle is how aerodynamic it is. the lees drag, the more top speed. so if u want a fast car, dont think that more is better you need less for faster, more for slower


alot of the variables after drag i dont know what they mean, and um the next one i know is :


I hope youre able to read it says number of gears, so thats what it is. it says u can only have 1-4, but you can have at least 8. if you want a fast car, then make this number higher, but it dont matter much, it just means that u have faster acceleration at high speed than before. if you want a good torque car for sock/hill climbing, make this number lower, 3 or 2. it works well if u have low number when your patriot wieghs 18000, but thats something else....


I think this is top speed of the car. NOTE: This is not not NOT the speed in MPH. the s0beit speedometer is not fucking correct. infernus can only go 137-138 mph. NOT 240 or whatever they say it is. if you want an accurate speedometer, get Dev-Tool v2.0, or get the cam hack 1.2 which has gauges


i dont know what this is but i think its MAYBE how fast the car accelarates, but thats also another variable so im not so sure.


Now this is how to make a good a drag car for you. This changes how much Torque/Acceleration the car has. its needed if, for example you change the mass of your elegy from 1400 to 2800, then you would need to double the engine inertia to handle the mass. dont make this too high, even if your vehicle is 40000 mass. ive tweaked with this myself, i was making a god patriot, i changed mass to 40000, and enirtia to somewhat close by the original ratio, but i drove, and BAM my car jumps up, does a back flip, lands, then keeps bouncing everywhere. i had to reduce mass to 18000 and then back to 6000 .


This changes what wheels get power from the engine. if you want rear-wheel drive, change this to R, front-wheel is F, and 4-wheel is simply 4. note: front wheel drive is very stable, and more grippy turning, while 4 wheel and rear wheel are more oversteer, good for drift. 4 wheel is very easy to drift, easier than rear wheel if youre begginer.


i think this is how fast you brake, and i think less is faster brake, more is slower. i havent tweaked with this yet so im not sure. i think if u make it slower, it will be easier to drift, faster will be more griper drag handling


THis is my guide to handling, yes i realise that alot of variables are missing, but those are not ones that i know how to tweak, and most of them i dont advice you to change because stuff like seat offset might crash your game


Hope you all found this informative, I learned a lot from it and I hope you will too.


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Here's my 2 cents on the entire handling thing:

If you want your vehicle to reach a higher top speed you'll need a higher acceleration and lower drag coeff. I usually place drag coeff to 1.0 all the time, as for the acceleration it's best to tweak it while testing as each car can have different ways on how it acts with it, some might need more, some might need less.

Once you place the drag coeff to 1.0, place the top speed you want and also edit the acceleration to such amount that it can easily reach the top speed the next thing you should do is play with the engine inertia, increase it pretty much to have a more realistic and slower acceleration. I used to meassure each vehicle of it's IRL time from 0-100 and then if it matches, I'd call it a day.

In addition, if you want to improve your vehicle's turning traction multiplier is the best way to go, for the rest of the handling values I would not really advise to touch, except for the Mass, I personally edit the Mass to IRL vehicle's mass.

TL:DR: Drag coeff: 1.0, set top speed to what you want it, increase the acceleration so your car can reach the top speed and then increase the inertia to make the car accelerate slower.

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