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Well like 2 days ago i've upgraded my iGPU with a Nvidia GT 630 1GB GDDR5, is not the best but it works just fine :)

Cpu: Celeron G530 2.4GHz Dual-core

Gpu: GT 630 1GB GDDR5

RAM: Kingmax 6GB DDR3 1066MHz (They should work at 1333MHz but my CPU isn't enough good for that :))

Hdd: Western Digital 450GB

Monitor: LG TV/PC 60Hz

Mouse and keyboard: idk, one is logitech and the other one is something.

It's not the best pc but it works just fine for my needs

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I7-4790K CPU, 4GHz

512gb ssd (Crucial MX100, 500mb/s write, 550mb/s read), 2TB Hitachi 7K4000 HDD

16GB DDR3-2400 RAM


Zowie Gear FK2 (mouse)

Steelseries APEX keyboard

Mounted on a nice MSI Z97-G43 with a DeepCool Gamer Storm Lucifer cooler in a NZXT H630 black super silent case.

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